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Lüm is an innovative approach to the only truly mandatory accessory you could wear – your reflector. As of 2011, pedestrians are required by law to wear a reflector after dark in Estonia. However, just because something is practical, doesn't mean it has to clash with your appearance. A reflector in the form of a tassel provides a higher level or visibility, due to the movement of individual light reflective surfaces, while being a demure and slick accessory on your coat or bag in its own right, regardless of its functionality.

The innovative design solution was successfully registered by Olga Rattik at the Estonian Patent Office in November of 2011. The original tassel reflector “Lüm” is a product of artisanry, created using jewelers tools, handcrafted in very limited quantities. Each reflector is supplied with two numbers – one showing the overall number of reflectors produced in a given design, and the second showing its order in production. Each tassel is assembled with the utmost care, and presented as the little luxury that it is.

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